Interprofessional Partnerships Offers

Morocco-ecoway is open to all Inter-professional partnerships.
We propose different collaborations of thematic trips to Morocco .  
Morocco-Ecoway develops courses in different areas:

Artistic paintings in watercolor, pastel and acrylic.
Photography, Birdwatching photography, plus pottery o yoga, meditation, tantra, tours of women's only.
And special events (new years, mariage... Tors of the charme... )
Scientists in fauna and flora, botany, ethnobotany and permaculture.
Anthropological exchanges between local and foreign civilizations.
Gastronomic cooking courses working will all our senses.
Patrimonial promotion of the thousand and one marvels of Morocco, notably classified by UNESCO.
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Our goal: to increase our family – our collaborators - coming from around the world and becoming part of Morocco-Ecoway. Morocco Trip

Our contact from Canada living in France: Donna Acheson Juillet | Member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour CSPWC and the French Watercolor Society SFA 16 Ave. Beauséjour 78500 Sartrouville
Tél: +33 1 39 14 44 08 / + 33 6 30 24 85 25

Watercolor Sketching In Morocco

Watercolor Painting Retreat in the Moroccan Countryside with Donna acheson (See details)
From the 6th until the 14th April 2017

I enjoy mixing the figurative with the abstract, often suggesting still life shapes, nature or animals, inviting the spectator to finish the story that I started. I prefer to work from my imagination, interpreting nature, drawing from my memories and sensations of past experiences. I am interested in art that shows the artist's vision of the world as they see it.

Watercolor workshops leading by Róisín Curé (See details)
1st till 9th March 2022

I want to base a workshop around the two basic ideas of becoming more skilled in observation and watercolour, and the idea of having a sketchbook of precious memories and stories of Morocco.

Watercolor workshop animated by Dieter Wystemp originally from Germany (See details)
From the 1st to the 9th March 2022

I have always been inspired by the representation of light and shadow, which to me make the essential ingredients of a good painting and can be perfectly achieved with watercolor

Plein-air Painting Retreat in South Morocco with Sergei Kurbatov (See details)
11 to 19 March 2022

For Sergei painting in the plein-air is the main source of inspiration. Extensive teaching experience, attentive attitude to each student, the development of a personal creative style are the basis of his teaching method

An Austrian Artist journey in Morocco Watercolor Journal Retreat in Marrakech with Christa Friedl Available in English & Allemand (See details)
11 to 19 March 2022

Plein air painting is a wonderful way to be outside and to be totally connected to the subject

Swedish Royal Workshop, leading by Marie Andersson (See details)
11 to 19 October 2022

Marie Andersson is an international, full time, watercolor artist from the north of Sweden and she´s been sketching and painting her whole life.

Taria Dawson : Sketchy Adventures in Morocco (See details)
From the 21st until the 29th March 2022

Taria Dawson

Taria came to drawing a little later than some, only discovering her desire to learn in her late 20's. Shortly after this she discovered urban sketching and was hooked.

The wonderful Morocco - Learn how to paint with-Ewald Hinteregger (See details)
From the 02nd until the 10th November 2021

Every painting is a special adventure although it is not neccessary to produce high sophisticated pictures. The art of watercolor lives from soft impressions and strong expressions. Both is important and both can be improved.

Amazigh-Aztec resurrection through Patricia Guzman art in Morocco, (See details)
From the 23rd September till the 1st October 2021

Patricia Guzmán is a Mexican painter known for her realistic portraits in watercolor, oil and acrylic. Her work has been recognized with more than thirty awards, has participated in more than one hundred international painting exhibitions and has been published in numerous art books, painting catalogs and magazines. Patricia’s work is included in permanent collections in Asia and Europe as well as numerous private and corporate collections worldwide. She lives and works in Mexico City, teaches workshops, makes presentations and participates in painting events internationally.

Artistic Exodus towards the Sephardic heritage with Alon Filian. (See details)
10 to 19 April 2022

Alon Filian is an jewish painter and painting teacher , with extensive experience in all types of mediums And serves as the team leader of the Israeli watercolor group on behalf of the Urbino Festival in Italy.

Exclusively with róisín curé..converging Gaillimhe with Mogador in your sketchbook, (See details)
19th till 27th February 2022

I want to base a workshop around the two basic ideas of becoming more skilled in observation and watercolour, and the idea of having a sketchbook of precious memories and stories of Morocco.

Putting pencil to paper is how it all starts with Chris Damaskis in Essaouira (See details)
From the 21st till 29th April 2021

Tools and techniques, from traditional to digital. But when it comes to urban sketching, I usually stick to paper. I always draw in sketchbooks, using pencil and watercolor or a black felt-tipped pen. I'm no architect and like to take some liberties with straight lines and proportions, for me drawing is a playful activity

A Beautiful retreat with the beautiful Ukrainian art's ambassador Victoria Grigorieva (See details)
From the 23rd Until the31st October 2021

Victoria Grigorieva is a professional graphic artist based in Kiev, Ukraine. After graduating from the Ukrainian National Academy of Arts and Architecture in 1997, Victoria served as Head Art Director for the Ukrainian women’s magazine Natali and,

Join our lovely artist from the low lands of netherlands to the amazing hights of the Moroccan Atlas (See details)
From the 31st March till the 8th April 2022

If you want to see & follow Julia art. Join her at

Hi! My name is Julia Henze. I'm a freelance illustrator, lettering artist, and a Skillshare teacher living and working in The Netherlands. As an illustrator, I specialize in hand-drawn lettering, illustrated designs for t-shirts, magazines, logos, packaging, advertising, and other commercial applications.

Urban sketching with the Dutch Artist Julia Henze to catch the mesmerizing Marokko (See details)
From the 10th till the 18th April 2022

Hi! My name is Julia Henze. I'm a freelance illustrator, lettering artist, and a Skillshare teacher living and working in The Netherlands. As an illustrator, I specialize in hand-drawn lettering, ...

A fresh drawing everyday with Hugo Barros Costa (See details)
14 - 22 March 2022

Hugo Barros Costa

Architect | Sketching everyday since 2010 | Teaching at ETSA Valencia I Parsons NYC Books, workshops

A throwback of Persian art in Morocco (See details)
From the 01st until 09th September 2021

When talking about watercolor actually we are thinking about calmness in nature and freedom in techniques and sketches. I want to accompany you in a world of great and beautiful sensations. I'll submit everything that you expect watercolor to have.

Discover The nature beauty of Morocco with the Great Artist Margaret Horak (See details)
20th-28th of April 2022

What to expect in the class:

Watercolor is the perfect medium to capture the essence of the terrain, people, sights, sounds, smells and adventure! When sketching with watercolor, you will find you are truly immersed in the scene. You will be observing details, that you would not normally see, and then translating them into beautiful sketches to take home so you can relive your experience all over again. Your completed travel journal/sketchbook will be a lovely reminder of your trip.

We will sketch en plein air to capture the scenes before us. I will help you simplify the scene, by teaching you artistic techniques that you will take home with you. We will explore and use the colors of the land before us all while capturing, on paper, the natural world around us

Lyudmila Tomova Watercolor Workshop in Morocco (See details)
11-19 of May 2022

Discover the beauty of painting expressive, powerful and loose landscapes inwatercolor. Explore the full capacity of the medium and learn the fundamentals of creating a breathtaking masterpiece!

Plein Air Painting Retreat with Christian Koivumaa (See details)
21-29th of september 2022

I'm a passionate watercolor painter and I paint landscapes and urban scenes primarily. My paintings are painted with a limited palette in a high pace.

Enjoy painting plein-air workshop with the Beautiful Russian artist Dina Lepchenkova (See details)
21st to 29th may 2022

I'm watercolor artist and illustrator since 2014, participant of russian and international watercolor exhibitions:

Art and Morrocan Cooking Retreat with The Talented Artist Yvonne Ankerman (See details)
21 to 29 September 2023

This Art Retreat will be all about recording your travel experience in Morocco with sketches and watercolours in your own Travel Journal. It is all about the creative journey, to have pleasure in creating, letting go and having fun.

Painting en Plein-air of the most important landmarks in Morocco with Ardıç Aguş (See details)
From the 01st until 09th September 2022

I am professional fine artist classically trained in the traditional way.Since i completed my atelier education in Florence, Italy I went on to take several workshops with today's living masters in order to really grasp the techniques of old masters, especially of those of Italian and French 19th century academic painters.

Plein Air Painting the Spirit of Morocco (See details)
11 to 19 October 2022

Jennifer Taylor is an Internationally known Impressionist artist with many awards in Plein Air competitions, and with the American Impressionist Society as well as others.

Experience The Beauty of Southern Morocco throught oil painting with the Great Bruce Katz (See details)
21st to 29th Octobre 2022

In his artwork he uses the subject matter of landscape, cityscape, figure and still life to convey the drama and beauty he find around him. He is particularly

Workshop de acuarela al sur de Marruecos con Nacho Muñoz Cano (See details)
11- 18 de Abril 2022

Nacho Muñoz Cano ( Murcia, Spain, 1974)

Inicia su formación artística a los 9 años. Casi toda su obra es acuarela, técnica de la que siempre se ha sentido muy atraído por su transparencia, instantaneidad, el detalle y la sutil percepción de una realidad casi imperceptible.

Su pintura de basa en el entorno que le rodea y, reflejo de ello, vemos presente en muchos de sus cuadros la huerta Murciana. Explora en la naturaleza y, deteniéndose en detalles frutales de limoneros, higueras… o en rincones que le despiertan un especial interés, trata de buscar a través de tiernas veladuras ese instante preciso, esa luz que se cuela por el lienzo y que abraza al espectador hasta atraparlo.

Nacho Muñoz nos propone un encuentro con esas luces, sombras, texturas, colores y sensaciones que habitan entre el lienzo, su mirada y ese extraño lugar desde donde surge el instante creativo.

Spring Watercolor Painting and graphics Retreat Hosted by Eleanor Mill (See details)
1-8 October 2022

I am a watercolour and graphics artist. Foremost I work in a realistic manner.

What I reckon is that the best practice for learning & pleasure is Plein Air and Urban sketching.

Our philosophy

Morocco-ecoway's team is specialized in tailored hollidays & artistic field, scientific research and well-being within the landscapes of Morocco Supervised by professionals

Thematic Travel offers one-week tours tailored to your aspirations, various themes such as painting, watercolor, travel diary, photography, local flora and fauna, yoga and sophrology, spiritual and traditional Moroccan cuisine.

These different courses are open to amateurs and professionals wishing to confirm their knowledge combining tourism and artistic or scientific activity

Thematic travel adapts by enriching circuits, which target the discovery of majestic Moroccan sites and training courses supervised by passionate professionals

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